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Swimming Quiz

  1. When you put your face in the water are you comfortable getting water in your nose or mouth and ears?
  2. Are you comfortable floating on your back or front?
  3. Can you get air without standing up or holding the side of the pool?
  4. Are you okay if someone bumps into you in the water, or you get splashed?
  5. Can you do a somersault or hand stand in the water?
  6. Can you rest in the deep end or open water as long as you want?
  7. Can you swim one length of the pool, putting your face in and out of the water to breathe, without stopping?

If you answered NO to any of these questions and aren't comfortable in the water then your best option is to read more about Jim's Fear of Water swim instruction page and consider registering for class.

If you answered YES to all the questions above then consider what Dallas Aquatic Masters has to offer.

For more information call 214-315-7855.

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