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jim montgomery training in the flume

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Flume training is state-of-the-art training in a variable current environment created to increase your speed and endurance.

What is your goal?

  • Greater endurance
  • More speed
  • Better technique
  • Increased focus and intensity
  • Greater productivity in training

Jim offers a swimming program designed to improve the two most important areas of a swimmer's performance - stroke mechanics and high-performance conditioning. This training is conducted in a swimming flume.

The flume is a swimming tank that holds one swimmer and is designed to propel a variable speed current of water. The swimmer, in effect, swims against the current. The current can be brought up to world record speeds (above 2 meters/second). All competitive swimming strokes can be performed in the flume.

What are the benefits of fluming?

There is no better method for learning how to swim, and swim faster, than in a flume. You get instant feedback, there are no laps and you receive on-the-spot video analysis and coaching.

  • Simulated open-water swimming sessions for triathlon training
  • Training programs geared to specific goals or events
  • Ongoing flume sessions to increase cardiovascular conditioning
  • Biomechanical evaluations for improving stroke efficiency

In a flume the swimmer is forced to maintain speed from the first to the last second of each exercise bout. This way, a high intensity workout can be created that is almost impossible in a regular swimming pool where fatigue results in speed reduction and thus lowers the absolute training intensity and affects the metabolic systems trained.

A flume does not allow any failures in your stroke - you will simply move backwards. Almost any inefficient movement will be felt. Therefore a flume can help to focus on technique by supplying the swimmer with instantaneous feedback about his or her stroke.

In the flume there is always immediate feedback on your stroke mechanics and training. In addition, the flume is a great psychological tool. You can easily train to failure, meaning the flume always wins. You can increase your speed and maximize your training time. It opens up a whole new dimension in training.

Types of Flume Sessions

I – Stroke Evaluation – The swimmer participates in a single session in the flume during which his/her stroke is filmed at several swimming speeds. The coach then provides the swimmer with a video evaluation that is burned onto a CD that the swimmer can keep.

II – Stroke Enhancement – The swimmer participates in multiple sessions to evaluate stroke and improve it using the detailed feedback from video analysis.

III – High Performance Training – This program is for swimmers who desire to take advantage of the flume to improve their concentration as well as physical performance under race conditions. Multiple sessions.

IV – Executive Training – This is a training program for those who are short on time and wish to compress the most benefit from training into the least amount of time using fixed-pace, short-duration, high-intensity training. Multiple sessions.

Where do I go to flume?

The flume is located on the first floor at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas’s (PHD's) Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine: 7232 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas. Map it.

Click here to sign up for flume training now.

swim class working with kickboards

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