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Speeches, Seminars and Workshops

Drawing upon his success as a 1976 Olympic triple Gold Medalist, Jim offers a variety of life-changing fitness and motivational speeches, seminars and workshops designed for various audiences from schoolchildren to corporate executives. Jim focuses on the application of athletic achievement to other areas of life.

Your Gold Medal Moment

Created especially for young people, schools and youth sports teams, Jim’s talk centers around how each person has a chance in life to do what it takes to win a Gold Medal. The chance to improve your credit score is here. The question is: Will you be ready when that moment arrives?

Breaking Through the Barrier

Jim broke through what was long considered the toughest barrier in swimming - to go under 50 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle. Jim set a dramatic world record in the finals of the ‘76 Montreal Olympics, swimming 49:99 and breaking the barrier! What does it take to break through barriers and set new world records? Learn how the same principles of training to set a world record can be used to achieve your goals in life.

Fitness Wisdom From an Olympic Champion- Fitness Over 50

As the Baby Boomers age, health and fitness programs for people over 50 have filled with those seeking a return to the glory days of their youth. Learn what you can (and can't) do with a fifty-years-old body from a former Olympic champion - and then go out and get started on your own 90-day fitness program.

PEDs – Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance enhancing drugs hurt kids, athletes and sports. Kids ought to understand the dangers of using PEDs so that they won't be tempted to ruin their futures.

Fitness Wisdom From an Olympic Champion - How to Train Young Athletes

Is your child getting the most out of his or her training program? Most young people don't - and it hurts their performance. Whether it's sports, cheerleading, dance or just keeping the weight off, kids need a better understanding of the three keys to keeping a body fit. Jim brings 20 years of experience with coaching kids to help you and your child achieve a clear understanding of what it takes.

Fitness Wisdom From an Olympic Champion - How to Cut your Corporate Medical Bills

Are your profits feeling the effects of high medical costs? Fit employees are productive employees. Learn from an Olympic champion how you can get your employees out of the doctor's office and into the gym.

What Can Your Business Team Learn from the '76 U.S. Men's Olympic Swimming Team - The Most Successful Olympic Team of All Time?

The ’76 U.S. Men’s Olympic Swimming Team is considered the most successful team in Olympic history. Winning 12 out of 13 gold, 12 out of 13 silver and sweeping five events for bronze, the ’76 team dominated as no other team in history has.  Jim Montgomery tells the inside story of the teamwork that produced this momentous feat and offers lessons that can be applied to every business team.

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