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Tennis Live Betting Strategies

There is no need to wait for the start of the match and after a few minutes you know whether you've won or not. Therefore, many tennis fans have moved from the prematch analysis to live tennis betting. Before you get acquainted with the tennis betting strategies, make sure you understand some important details.

In tennis, bets are equally popular for the games of men and women. Predicting the outcomes of fights in which women participate is more difficult. Of great importance is the emotional component. Some tennis players do not always know how to cope with emotions. Also, in women's tennis is very important the quality of the coaching staff. The appearance of a new coach is often accompanied by failures on the court, since he does not always manage to find a common language with his ward. Male tennis players in this regard are more predictable, especially when it comes to the top rankings.

What Is the Difference Between the Men's and Women's Tennis Set?

It would seem: identical cover, identical rackets, the same ball. However, the difference is enormous. Women are weaker physically. Because of this, the supply in women is weaker than in men. This means that women play at the reception more successfully than men. Let's continue the logical chain: it turns out that women do not often take their pitch. In the match of men, on average, there are only 2-3 breaks (this is when the receiver wins the game) per set. Girls sometimes manage to take the pitch each other over and over, giving out a series of 2-3 breaks in a row.

Also, women are less stable. Sometimes, one of the opponents holds a great piece, wins 3-4 games in a row, but after 5 minutes her game turns from a genius into a disgusting one. It often happens that a tennis player first wins the first set crushingly (6: 1, for example), and the second loses with a similar score. Men in this regard are more stable, more often they win games in their pitches.

Being Attentive Is a Must

If you are watching a live match, concentrate. Any trifle - microtrauma, change in weather conditions, increased emotionality, a coach’s challenge to the court can be decisive. Pay attention to the game style of tennis players - someone more often plays a backhand opponent, someone likes to go to the net, and someone prefers slashes. All these nuances will help you to predict the further course of events in a tennis match and, accordingly, make a winning bet on tennis in live.

What Should You Remember When Betting?

It's necessary to clearly understand what you are doing. Do not try to win all the money of the planet in one go: play an hour, raise the bank by 20-30%, and that's enough. Get some fresh air, distract yourself. Strictly adhere to the strategy that was considered advantageous initially. After a series of failures, you can’t randomly bet on everything, trying to quickly recoup - this will lead to failure. Remember: when choosing a strategy, you will win at a distance, but not every day and not this minute.

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